Another milestone: Lumen Park Szolnok Hungary

Another milestone: we can provide thermal camera diagnostics for the largest solar farm in East-Central Europe

Another milestone in the history of our company and an honour for all our employees. We are able to contribute to the thermal diagnostics of the solar park Lumen Park Szolnok. An exciting challenge, a responsibility and an inspiring example.

The article explains in detail why the thermal camera diagnostics of the Lumen Park Szolnok solar park is of outstanding importance.

Why it’s a big deal to work on Lumen Park diagnostics

It is important to note that this is not only the largest solar park in Hungary, but also one of the most important in Central and Eastern Europe. The installed capacity of 138 megawatts is a significant figure in itself.

Moreover, we are talking about a new generation, nature-friendly solar park. It is not only strategically important for energy supply, but it is also a way forward for environmental protection and sustainability.

The solar park, located on the outskirts of Szolnok, will have a low-maintenance vegetation cover that will blend into the landscape. Providing a source of food and habitat for insects, reptiles and small mammals that migrate to the area, as well as for the local bird population.


The significance of Lumen Park Szolnok in numbers

As described above, Hungary’s largest solar farm will have an installed capacity of 138 megawatts. This will generate enough green electricity to cover almost half of the total residential electricity consumption of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

In addition, thanks to its environmentally friendly design, it saves around 39 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. This is equivalent to the annual carbon sequestration of 274 hectares of oak forest. It’s like tripling the size of Tiszaliget in Szolnok.

The importance of solar farm drone thermo-camera diagnostics

In order for the Lumen Park to reliably deliver the performance values above, it must be ensured that it is operating optimally. Cost- and time-efficiently, using the latest technology. This is where drone-based thermal camera diagnostics comes in.


Contributing to the thermocamera diagnostics of the Lumen Park in Szolnok, we are working towards the following goals:

  • detect faults that are not visible to the human eye – providing a comprehensive picture of the plant’s condition and immediately pinpointing the location of potential faults.
  • prevent yield loss – providing a quick solution to problems caused by failed cells, overheating, contaminated panels, shading or physical impact.
  • avoid the risk of fire – instantly filtering out critical temperature components and eliminating potential sources of fire.

It is recommended that the test is carried out immediately after the first start-up of the system. This way the yield can be maximised from the start. This is exactly what happens at Lumen Park Szolnok.

Why we have the honour of carrying out the diagnostics

Having the first LUC certificate in Hungary proved to be a decisive factor. This is a kind of assurance that we are able to independently assess the potential risks of drone use and operation.

With the LUC certificate, thermal camera diagnostics of the solar farm can be carried out in a shorter time. At the same time, the safety conditions are fully met. Naturally, we carry out the task entrusted to us to the highest safety standards.

The fact that we have extensive references and are recommended internationally was convincing. Plus, we not only “know what we are doing”, but also love our profession.

The specific characteristics of Lumen Park Szolnok diagnostics

A curiosity of Lumen Park Szolnok is that we use other instruments in addition to the usual measurement. Which in practice means,

  • that we measure different values on a continuous basis;
  • in parallel with the drone thermocamera measurements;
  • the analysis and the overall evaluation is based on all measured results;
  • combining the drone thermal imaging technology with ground-based instrumental measurements.


This gives the most accurate result possible. A complete team works in the field to take the most accurate measurements possible. Careful attention is paid to the coordination of the colleagues taking the ground instrument measurements with the drone team.

In practice, this is called a diagnostic service. This means that it is not just a simple drone thermal imaging measurement, as maximising performance requires a more complex process.

What does solar thermal diagnostics look like and why is it important?

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