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The meeting of science and practice – together on the path of innovation

We are pleased and proud to report that our company has reached another milestone.

In a public signing ceremony, we have entered into a cooperation agreement with the University of Debrecen, which allows us to bring a wider range of professional knowledge and innovation to our clients. This partnership promotes scientific cooperation and creates new opportunities in the field of research and development. The university’s teaching work is based on a world-class research background, which elevates them above their competitors.
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“It is important that in our research work we strive not only for scientific excellence, but also aim to seek application opportunities in cooperation with industrial companies. The Faculty of Science and Technology is not simply a training place, but a very important regional center for research, development and innovation, with significant human resources and infrastructure, which they can put at the service of industrial development.” – detailed Prof. Dr. Ferenc Kun, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the university

The cooperation also offers serious advantages for students.

 As a cooperating partner of the university, our goal is for students to combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience acquired within the framework of university education, develop their professional skills in a real and inspiring work environment, and apply their knowledge in real projects – thus they can gain not only theoretical but also practical experience in the field of geoinformatics. Stepping out of the university walls, they are already ready to successfully integrate into the labor market and have relevant practical knowledge. We trust that our cooperation will contribute to the development of the professional community and provide guidance to the future generation in the field of geoinformatics and drone-based technologies.

University of Debrecen cooperation agreement

Our mission is to help our clients perform faster and more economical work by combining the most modern technology and expertise, which can contribute to the more efficient implementation of investments, the optimization of costs, and long-term sustainability. Another advantage of our university cooperation is that it allows us to integrate the latest results of research into our services, thereby supporting not only the successful implementation of current but also future projects.

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