Professional ground 3D laser scanning

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Why is it beneficial?

Ground-based 3D laser scanning can provide information that provides the basis for engineering design and construction. Eliminating operational risks, speeding up the building process.

In addition, the data are suitable for integration into a building information model (BIM).

We provide ground-based 3D scanning services using state-of-the-art technology, with the Trimble X7.

Ground-based 3D scanning can be applied for both:

  • Digital floor plans, sections, facades, site plans;
  • Visualisation plans to simulate realistic environments;
  • Determine the exact diameter and position of the canopy of plants and trees;
  • To measure facades, to map decorative elements;
  • To measure the condition, to check the deviation from the water level, the vertical;
  • For subsidence testing;
  • Determination of slab and wall thicknesses;
  • Sizing of visible supporting structure.

Where can it bring significant added value?

For older buildings
That often do not exhibit regular geometric features.

For hard-to-reach objects
To measure facades and roof structures, for example.

Objects with difficult access
For example, bridges, railway objects, water constructions.

To protect cultural heritage
In the context of archiving and planning reconstruction work.

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