Aerial drone survey

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Drone aerial survey regardless of industry, without the possibility of error

Our skilled drone pilots can accurately survey in extreme locations, even within seemingly impossible deadlines

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We use the most advanced technology for our drone aerial surveys

We use technology to collect highly accurate data from the air.

From this data, we produce orthophotos, 3D color point clouds, detailed terrain (DTM) and surface model (DSM) or even vectorized 3D data files.

This data is compatible with CAD and Civil 3D design software, among others.
Where the added value of a pin-point drone aerial survey can be most useful:
  • the survey, construction, and inspection of construction works – including bridges, flyovers, roads, tracks, junctions, buildings, halls, stadiums, etc;
  • mine mapping – where data is key to efficient extraction, monitoring availability, monitoring roads, improving safety, and monitoring continuous change;
  • in flood plains and flooding – in prevention, planning, and preparation to avert danger, and in detailed damage assessment after the disaster has passed, and in preparation for recovery and reconstruction;
  • archaeological surveys – we take high-resolution images from a suitable height so that the images can be stitched together to allow archaeologists to analyze the whole area.
We use the latest DJI Enterprise drone technology
The work done will result in the following benefits:
  • We can replace most of the human labor by using technology;
  • We reduce the chances of error to virtually zero;
  • speed up key processes;
  • we can save significant costs.

With our dedicated fleet of vehicles, we can approach virtually any site and bring professional work to the table.

Our trained drone pilots are certified by Regulation (EU) 2019/947 (subcategory A1/A2/A3 and Special category), have full liability insurance, and many years of professional experience.

Why GeoLayer Ltd.?

Because we are not just a “drone” company, we are business and technical minded and we think through the solution we offer to ensure that it is the most effective in the application area, thus achieving the highest profit.

Our clients regularly highlight the following about the quality of the work we do together:

  • We know what we are doing;
  • We help you with our diverse and long-standing professional experience;
  • We work with the most up-to-date tools currently available;
  • We are quick to make decisions and flexible in adapting to tasks and needs;
  • We are in direct contact with the manufacturer of the products;
  • Satisfied large corporate clients are proof of our reliability;
  • We carry out thorough risk analyses;
  • We operate to the highest standards of safety management;
  • We are currently the only one in Hungary with LUC (Light UAS Operator Certificate) certification.

Our goal is to work with our customers and exploit the potential of technology to find opportunities to improve efficiency, speed up processes or even minimize the potential for error.

We believe that the key to the effectiveness of our services lies in joint thinking and careful planning.

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