Solar park drone thermal imaging diagnostics

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From the initial phase to regular status monitoring

When installing a solar farm, our drone aerial services and the generated digital terrain model (DTM) can be used to determine the optimal placement of the panels in the area with pinpoint accuracy.

The Digital Surface Model (DSM) can be used to accurately assess the extent to which a given solar farm is influenced by environmental elements such as vegetation, buildings and other landmarks.

So with the help of the solar park drone thermal camera diagnostics
  • engineers can make pinpoint calculations;
  • so that the panels are installed in the most prudent way possible;
  • in the most appropriate locations;
  • we prepare a comprehensive statement and a full report on the installed solar park and its condition, including a loss calculation;
  • ensuring that the solar farm is used to its maximum capacity.

The benefits of solar park drone thermal imaging diagnostics

  • We can also detect defects that are not visible to the human eye

    We provide a full, comprehensive picture of the plant’s condition. The location of faults can be immediately located and their variants immediately identified.

  • Preventing yield loss

    Problems such as, among others, cells dropping out of production, production loss due to overheating, contaminated panels or physical impact, or shadow drop-outs due to other causes, can be analysed.

  • Proactively avoid fire risk

    We emphasise the importance of using thermal camera diagnostics to immediately detect critical temperature components. This also eliminates potential sources of fire hazards.

  • Maximum return right from the start
    The examination should be carried out after the first start-up of the system. As the report provides a detailed account of the solar farm’s operation, maximum yield can be realised even after start-up.

How we carry out the solar farm drone thermal camera diagnostics

Our drone pilots are specialised in solar park surveys and have years of experience, appropriate professional qualifications and full liability insurance. Here is what you need to know about the implementation:

  1. The operations are carried out from the air, so it is not necessary for our colleagues to have access to the park.

  2. The thermal camera survey can be carried out during operation, so there is no need to temporarily shut down the solar farm for the survey.

  3. We carry out a comprehensive multi-stage risk analysis, known as SORA, before starting the operation, as our company applies the highest level of security management system.

  4. We prepare a comprehensive statement and a full report on the installed solar park and its condition, including a loss calculation.

  5. We offer a drone thermal imaging diagnostic service in any country in Europe!

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